Juliana's Animal Sanctuary

Juliana Castañeda Turner is a pioneer. Not only did she establish the first animal sanctuary in Colombia, it was the first one in all of South America! From the age of five, she had a vision to protect farm animals, and she has made it happen.

As any of you who have worked on, volunteered at, or visited a farm sanctuary know, it's difficult and never-ending work. And of course, animals eat--a lot. Veg Avengers is doing our best to get the word out about the tremendous work Juliana and her staff are doing. Check out more about Juliana's Animal Sanctuary, and please consider becoming a monthly donor.

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary


Meet Renee and Tommy! In a past life, they were Texas ranchers and hunters. They loved the rodeo, rode horses, ate barbeque, and had a collection of leather boots. Today, they are compassionate about rescuing farm animals and harboring them safely on Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, Inc. where they experience a life of love and freedom. Through education, they are able to provide a paradigm shift to ranchers who have bound animals to the cruelty of factory farming ending in brutal death. They value sharing their unique experiences, vegan way of life, compassionate farming, and Veganic gardening with everyday Texans and the world. Through spirituality, they touch the life forces on Earth and bring awareness to food sources, humanity, and to many environmental concerns. 

Learn more and support their work at RowdyGirlSanctuary.org and RancherAdvocacy.org

Compassionate Living

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Compassionate Living is a 501c3 non-profit organization working to end farmed animal suffering and encourage a healthy vegan lifestyle to help the community thrive.  They support ethical and eco-friendly living by highlighting the abundance of plant-based options that heal our bodies, our planet, and our relationship to animals.

Compassionate Living was one of the sponsors of the first ever FREE Humane Hoax Online Summit. 

They also run the annual Sonoma County VegFest in August in Santa Rosa, CA.

Learn more here: www.socovegfest.org

Compassionate Living hosts Berkeley Earth Day in Berkeley CA in April: berkeleyearthday.org

Check out their website for more info: Compassionate-Living.org

Animal Recovery Mission

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Founded in 2010, not-for-profit Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) is dedicated to eliminating extreme animal cruelty operations worldwide. Their mission is to be an uncompromising defending force for the welfare of animals,  in addition to putting an end to and preventing pain, suffering and torture inflicted as a result of inhumane practices.

You know the Fair Oaks Farms undercover investigation? That's ARM.

Richard Couto and his crew bravely go where even law enforcement won't: illegal horse slaughter farms, cock fighting rings, fox penning operations, bear bile farms...If animals are being abused, ARM is going in.

In 2015, they began a sanctuary to home and take care of many of the animals they rescue.


To support the incredible work of Animal Recovery Mission, please check them out at AnimalRecoveryMission.org


Egg_Truth_logo_v1 copy (1).png

Nigel Osborne created a tremendous resource detailing the cruelty behind the egg industry. Backed by leading experts, the site provides a wealth of information for animal rights advocates and those considering leaving eggs off their plates.


Egg-Truth's mission is as follows:

To educate the public about the true nature of egg production from hatchery to plate.
To explain the negative impact on human health from egg consumption.
To showcase the many healthy and delicious egg-free alternatives and recipes.
To invite you to consider leaving eggs off your plate entirely.

To learn more, and to support their outstanding advocacy, please visit


Scarlet Rescue Band

Scarlet Rescue is an all-vegan punk/alternative band fronted by activist, writer, and professor Lisa Barca. The group has been featured on the Jane Unchained Network, Vegan Nation Radio, VegansVote Radio, and The Revolution Relaunch magazine, which describes Lisa as a "neo-riot grrrl rocker" and "force in the feminist underground.”

Check out their 2020 smashes, "Barbecue Protest" and "Regan's Songon YouTube, and keep up with new releases and band updates at scarletrescue.com!

Urban Beans Bar & Marketplace

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Urban Beans has been serving up vegan mouth-watering food, tasty adult beverages, custom cakes, and catering in Phoenix for over five years!

They also have a marketplace where you can pick up environmentally-friendly items like soaps, t-shirts, and their housemade vegan pastrami and sauces.

Make sure you stop by Urban Beans next time you're in Phoenix!