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Why I'm Vegan

The reason I'm vegan is simple: there's no reason for animals to needlessly suffer for our meals.

There are some who argue that climate change, ocean dead zones, water and air pollution, rain forest destruction and pesticide overuse aren't really the result of animal agriculture. We know better.

There are some who argue that diabetes, strokes, certain cancers, obesity, liver disease, asthma, and degenerative arthritis aren't caused by meat and dairy-laden diets. But we know better.

But there's one thing anyone with a heartbeat can't argue: animals suffer to be on our plates.

For chickens, that means being crammed in tiny, noisy, filthy cages, the health strains of growing too fast and too heavy for their genetically-modified bodies, and slaughter at six weeks of age. Male chicks born into the egg industry are gassed or ground alive at one day old.

For pigs, their lives are spent on concrete and in filthy cages, fattened to sizes their frames can't support. Sows are continually impregnated with litters twice their normal sizes, and have their offspring taken away soon after birth. Piglets have their tails cut and teeth clipped, and most are slaughtered between 16 to 30 weeks old.

For dairy cows, they're branded, mutilated, continuously impregnated, have their offspring stolen at birth every year, and are bred to produce 10 times the milk they would naturally produce. Males born into the dairy industry are either killed after two weeks for baby food or cheese ingredients, or slaughtered after several months of confinement for veal. Beef cattle are typically slaughtered between 12 to 18 months of age.

Factory farms have tried to keep these realities hidden. But the word is out. Now that we know, what do we do with this information? Do we make like an ostrich and try and block it out, or do we face it and do something? Are we for animal abuse or against it?

It's a simple choice.

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